Quick Introduction


My name is Laura. As mentioned in the little blurb titled ‘Our Mission’ my family is German but I grew up in Ireland. These days, however, I live in the UK. I moved to Manchester when I met my husband (very romantic, I know!) about 6 years ago and since then we have expanded our family by two boys. Between working, renovating and raising kids I squeezed in a part time degree and every spare hour I had I was hitting the books. All of that changed this year when I finally sat my last exam. Suddenly I had time to get back to some past times I enjoy.

I have to say, I’m a sucker for a craft kit, embroidery, weaving, origami, you name it! But I find it frustrating when I don’t have a use for the finished product or if it doesn’t fit in with the style of my decor at home. My eyes were opened after re-purposing a pair of my son’s ripped leggings into a rattle for the baby; why craft only for the sake of crafting when I can craft and create some personal things for my children? A couple of rattles and teethers later I was still hungry for more. There was a certain satisfaction from finishing a little project in the evening when I normally just use that time to tidy the EXACT SAME MESS that I tidied the evening before. My main problem was finding time to get the materials together. An idea was starting to form…

Fast forward a few months and I had assembled a pile of kits to share my love of crafting with the world. Now all that was left for me to do is see if the world likes them (fingers crossed).

Upcycled Star Rattle