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Create handmade items for the little ones in your life


Sonni craft kits can be purchased as a single kit or a quarterly subscription. Each kit contains what you need to make two stylish and gender neutral items for your child or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Try your hand at new crafts while creating accessories, toys and decor pieces that can be treasured for years to come. The kits are ideal for those looking for a relaxing distraction during their long last trimester, for those searching for a unique baby shower gift or anyone who has a long list of crafts they have been meaning to try but never know where to start.

The wall banner created with September’s Sonni craft kit

The wall banner created with September’s Sonni craft kit

Our Mission

More than creating individual crafts, we want to create a community!

My parents moved from Germany to Ireland in the 80s and raised me and my brothers there. These days we have the whole world at our fingertips when it comes to shopping for nursery decor and baby essentials. It was very different in rural Ireland in the 80s and 90s with only one or two clothes shops in a 70km radius, so my mother turned to her sewing machine. I will never forget the pride with which I wore my handmade Communion dress with hand-embellished shoes.

Both of my parents always encouraged me to try new crafty hobbies and to this day I still find nothing more relaxing than picking up some wool or thread and a needle or hook and getting comfy on the sofa. Gemütlich. Now that I have my own children I feel that same pride when I see them play with or wear something I have made. In this age of information overload it is really hard to feel like you are doing something absolutely right as a mother but here is something that you can enjoy, and your children (or grandchildren) can benefit from. I had the idea to share that feeling with others; the feeling of creating an island of calm in a hectic day, the feeling your kids will have knowing they have something that was made specially for them. So I started Sonni, named after my mother, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What we would love, is if everyone started sharing the results of their work online and giving each other tips and inspiration to create more and try new techniques. We will endeavour to help you take your new crafting hobbies past the kit with our regular blog posts. Let’s have fun with it!

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